16 Aug

Mine isn’t old enough for school supplies yet, but I would NOT be impressed if his supplies were pooled. Like you, I donate to his daycare, and I would have no issue with doing that once he got into kindergarten as well. You are SOO right; I remember shopping for the brand new supplies when I was a kid, and that was the most exciting part of going back to school in the fall–it’s not cool that they take it away.

Mom in the Muddle

When I was a kid, one of the few things that took the sting out of going back to school every fall was getting to pick out new school supplies. Finally getting to use markers in fourth grade was the epitome of excitement until I found out they would only be used to diagram sentences.

And for my kids, this tradition of choosing a special notebook to scrawl their math work in is no different. So when we get the list of supplies, buy them, and fill and label a bag of supplies for each kid every August, I expect my kid to use what I bought.

Every June I get a little miffed when my kids bring home what they’ve used all year and it wasn’t what I paid for. It wasn’t the special Tinkerbell notebook my daughter picked out. Some other kid got that. And look, that’s not…

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