As is typical, now that Ryder is feeling better, I am sick. Hubby says it’s because I don’t take my vitamins; it’s just not the same if it doesn’t look like Fred Flintstone, sorry.


I’ve done a bit of work today, but I’m dreading going to work tonight. How does a little boy manage to get pneumonia during the summer while on antibiotics?

Being a sick mommy is hard. Your little one(s) want attention that you simply don’t have the energy to give. Plus, when THEY are sick, you love them to pieces so they feel better, but when YOU are sick, you can’t be near them so they can stay healthy. My son can’t understand this concept, and he is constantly trying to cuddle me to make me feel better! Thankfully, I have my hubby home today to be a distraction so I can rest. Guess I should consider looking…

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I wanted to try breastfeeding, but I was horrible at it, and I couldn’t make enough for my son. I felt really guilty about giving up on it, and I decided to make all of my own baby food. By the time Ryder was four months old, we couldn’t keep his hands off of our plates. I started with the rice cereal muck, and quickly transitioned to some veggies like summer squash and fruits like plums. He LOVED them, and I was surprised how easy it was to make my own baby food–time consuming, but easy. Every week or two we would try something new; Ryder and I would make a trip to the supermarket. When we got home and he could sit in his swing or go down for a nap, I would skin the fruit or veggie and boil them. When they were soft, I would put them…

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Our bedtime ritual starts out with collecting all of the stuffed animals; then Ryder picks out a book–it is NEVER my turn–and we climb into bed.  First, I read the book, and then Ryder reads the book back to me. As amazing as my 2-and-a-half-year-old is, he cannot read yet, so when he “reads” back the story to me word for word, I know how important story time is to him.

Tonight’s book was “No, David!” by David Shannon. It has beautiful pictures that have a childish feel to them. There are only a few words on each page, but the simplicity of the texts allows lots of room for discussion.

Because there are so few words, I asked Ryder what was going on on each page; when it was his turn, he did the same thing and asked me what I thought was happening! Ryder can completely relate to…

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We Are At The Beginning

My husband left on December 11 for Air Force basic training, and admittedly, I’ve been a bit lost. We both have worked late nights, opposite shifts, and 14-hour days, but nothing compares to having the love of my life and my partner of five years completely separate from me for these past two months. I’ve taken for granted the little things: a kiss at the end of the day, a confidant when real life pisses me off, and someone to deal with the tantrum when my three-year-old is behaving like a three-year-old. I have to be both mom and dad and explain to my son why all of a sudden daddy isn’t here anymore.

To toot my own horn, I think that I’ve handled it pretty well. I dedicated the first week to being a complete slug, but after that I decided that life had to go on. After my week of self pity, I started exercising with relish, parenting like it’s my job, and diving into my work.

It worked. As tough as the time apart has been, we got through it. I’ve run in the mornings (until I’m convinced that I enjoy it), I’ve worked in the afternoons at a job that I am passionate about, and in the evenings I’ve devoted myself to being a strict, but loving parent.

A week from this very moment I will be in San Antonio attempting to sleep in anticipation of seeing my husband again. This has been a tough path to take and by no means is it over, but we made it through the beginning, and we are better and stronger because of it.

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I Don’t Have The Answers

Ryder and I are reading a bed time story last week, and after I read the book, he takes a turn. Sometimes he AMAZES me with how much he was listening because he can repeat the text back to me word by word. (Focus is not yet my son’s strong point.) Other times I am utterly impressed by his description of the pictures, the story that he tells me from his own imagination. I’m not sure what illustration triggered it, but this particular night he began to tell me about someone hitting and pushing him at school. He said, “He pushed and pushed and pushed me, Mommy.” My heart broke. I asked him who it was and although he said the name over and over, I just couldn’t make it out (poor thing was quite frustrated with me!) So the next day when I brought him to school, I asked his teacher if she had seen anything. Although she hadn’t, she promised to keep a close eye on him. She also mentioned that it is very common for kids to start bullying one another at this age, and I’m thinking at three years old, really? She said that kids pick up on any small weakness–no matter how remote–and pick on others because of it. Now I’m petrified. Because Ryder is pretty cognitively advanced, he moved up a classroom a bit early, but mentally, physically, and emotionally he is still a three year old. I really want to believe that he crashed into a friend while playing (he does tend to fall over easily and he does have a flare for the dramatic), but my gut–and his teacher–say that for him to talk to me about it the way he did, something is really bothering him. All I can hope for is that he continues to talk to me when things are bothering him, and we (his parents) and his teachers can find if there is a problem and a solution to fix it. Last year, if he had a boo boo I kissed it and the world was a lovely place again, but I don’t know how to fix this one. I just don’t have the answers.

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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part Three: THE PARTY!

We got to the Children’s Museum about fifteen minutes late. BOO. I ran in to set up our party room as the first guests began to arrive. I threw the food on the far table….. Green Eggs and Ham cake, the remaining eggs, Cat in the Hat Top Hat Skewers (strawberries and marshmallows), Fish in the Bowl jello cups (blue jello and Swedish Fish), and One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Goldfish crackers.

My very favorite part of the party was Thing One and Thing Two! I got a picture from the internet and free-handed the drawings. Then I painted them and cut out one of the faces so the kids could play with them.

We were in the Dress-Up Theater at the Portland Children’s Museum, so there were costumes and puppets for the kids to play with. We also got a face painter because really, who doesn’t love to have their face painted? Ryder got a crab on his arm, and apparently this is what a crab face looks like.

My sister in-law was in charge of the decor wall. She hung up a handmade “Happy Birthday Ryder” sign that I made with construction paper and glue, and book covers and characters that we bought at Staples in the teacher’s section. I just LOVE the way it came out.

From the food to the decorations, everything was handmade and we had SOOO much fun doing it. Lots of family and friends joined us to celebrate, and Ryder was thrilled to have so many people that he loved all in one place. The party was a great success if I do say so myself!



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Ryder just recently got his first booster seat. He is just hitting the weight requirements, but his car seat is just too tight on him now, so my hubby and I decided to make the change. To put it mildly, Ryder is THRILLED with his new big boy seat and he loves the new freedom that he has to move his body under the seat belt instead of a five-point harness. He has been sitting up straight and not touching the seat belt which were my two biggest concerns! So far so good–until today…. I picked Ryder up from school and told him we were having pancakes for dinner. He liked that idea. We called Aunt Kiki so we could wish her a happy birthday. About 45 second away from our house I hear the little ding that indicates a door is open. I look around real quick to make sure that my kid hasn’t fallen out of the car. Sensing my panic, Ryder is ramrod straight with his back against the seat looking at me like “Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit.” I practically throw the car into park on the curb and turn back to face my son. As I’m pulling the door shut and locking it I tell him, “Ryder, you ARE NOT to touch your door while the car is moving. Do you understand? It is really dangerous because you could fall out of the car. Do you know what that means?”

He looks at me with those big, innocent blue eyes, “Yes. I would get squished and squished and squished. Squished like a pancake.”

All anger and panic dissipated at this point because I had to hide my face in the passengers seat so he didn’t see me laughing out loud. Once recovered, I refocused. “That’s right Ryder, you would get squished like a pancake and get big boo boos and I don’t want to see you get hurt. You are not to touch your car door until Mommy or Daddy says its ok, do you understand?”

“I understand.” He replied.

It’s amazing how kids look at things and can make even a scary situation mildly hilarious. It’s dinner time. I’m off to make pancakes.

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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part Two: The Cake

My husband is a boss. Like a Cake Boss. For Ryder’s first birthday we had an Elmo/Sesame Street theme and my husband Brian made a really cool Elmo cake. Later that year he made a Minnie Mouse for a friend’s child. He was officially in love with cake making, and he takes it VERY seriously. He has been interested in working with fondant, so Ryder’s Dr. Seuss cake was a perfect place to start. We decided on Green Eggs and Ham for his cake this year, and Brian chose red velvet for his cake. We are so interested in the decorating that we haven’t learned how to make the cakes from scratch yet–maybe that’s next! So Brian made four boxed cakes (which ended up with the perfect shape because our oven isn’t level and the cakes were thicker on one side!) And then Brian made up some buttercream frosting and attached the layers.

He took the rectangular-shaped cake and his Dr. Seuss book and carved until he got the shape he wanted. Impressive, right? Then another layer of buttercream.

Now the harder part! Fondant is a new medium for us both, it was mildly hilarious when we tried to figure it out. Brian refused to put the fondant in the microwave so he worked out the rock hard chunk until it looked like large blob of Play Doh. Now that it was pliable, Brian rolled it out with a rolling pin, ever so gently….. it took about half an hour! After getting the mass off the table, Brian laid it on top of his cake.

With no comments from the peanut gallery (me), Brian smoothed out the fondant and trimmed the cake. He added some black icing to give the cake a more Seussian feel. Brian added in two of the sugar cookie eggs that I had already made and a marshmallow for the ham bone, and…..

GREEN EGGS AND HAM! How cool is this? Ryder woke up the next morning and ran into the kitchen to see his birthday cake. His mouth dropped open and he whispered, “It’s beautiful.” I think he liked it….

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Dr. Seuss Birthday Party Part 1: Goody Bags

So the big 3rd birthday party is on Saturday, so hubby and I are putting the pieces together little by little. Tonight I worked on the goody bags. I wanted everything to be Dr. Seuss themed, right down to the last detail. I truly wanted to but each kid a little beta fish (you know, Fish from Cat In The Hat!) I figured that I wouldn’t have too many friends after the party if I went this route, so I started looking for stuffed animals instead. No dice; they are expensive! At least they are too expensive to purchase one for 12 kids. I found this amazing blog where the author made her own pattern for Fish, so even though I have never sewed before, I printed it out and gave it a try myself. The first one took 4 hours to complete. I sewed more than one of the parts upside down or inside out and had to start again, but after I figured the logistics out, it wasn’t so bad. Alot of wine and 11 hand-made fish later, I was pretty impressed with me. Just in case this Fish wasn’t enough, I threw an individual package of Swedish Fish in each bag too.

Now I am terribly obsessive–no comments from the peanut gallery, thank you–and when I pick a theme, I have to go all out. Luckily I found a teacher’s website that sells all sorts of Dr. Seuss stuff for the classroom so I picked up pencils, erasers, and mini notebooks. I got stickers and silly straws from Target, as well as these stellar little totes that were just too good not to use for the goody bags!

Stuff in some tissue paper to make each bag look much fuller than it is, and voila! I plan on letting each child pick the bag that they want to take home. Our aquarium of goodies is ready to go! Tomorrow, hubby and I will finish up the decorations. Yay!



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I almost wrote this post a few months ago when Bristol Palinsaid something annoying about gay parents.  Now, it’s Rupert Everett who said something annoying about gay parents.  Forgive me, but I’m having a harder time lately getting annoyed.

It’s the same argument every time: hey, moms are great.  Kids should have one.  (Ditto for dads, but I’m covered there — my kids have two!  Whew!)

OK, you win.  Moms are great.  I agree.  I have a mom.  My mom has a mom.  Abraham Lincoln had a mom.  (Turns out she died when he was 9.  Think how much more awesome he would’ve been if she’d lived a little longer.)

So sure, if you have a mom or two, count yourself lucky.  But don’t look down on my family just because we’re different.  You think my kids are better off with some smack-talking piece of trash like…

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